It’s likely you have a website for your business already — statistically speaking, most businesses today have a web presence of some sort. Great! Can you say one way or the other if it is working for you? Is it designed to be informative, does it provide consumers with relevant content, and has it helped increase interest and sales in your practice? On the flip side, if you happen to be a business without a website, do you know what it takes to make it successful?

Designing a great site is more than nice colors

Website templates and simple build-your-own software has made it relatively easy to develop a functional website quickly. However, these options typically suffer from many disadvantages as well. Just like desktop publishing and photo editing software have given anyone with a PC the opportunity to become their own Art Director, these web tools have afforded business owners the option to develop a site for themselves.

If you have little experience with website design, or design in general, you should consider utilizing the services of an Internet marketing professional. Why? Because your business is counting on it; because you are probably already facing time and schedule challenges in your life; and (most importantly) because you may be inadvertently limiting your new site’s visibility, or causing an unseen barrier to the growth of site visitors and subsequent sales.

Finding a qualified provider can be challenging as well. It may be tempting to consider your nephew’s friend, who is “good with computers” and has put together some “really cool sites” for his/her band and a few neighbors. Sure, it may seem like a prudent way to keep costs down – initially. How about for the long-term? Who will make updates, corrections, revisions?  How will you manage the care and feeding of the content on the site, or will you leave that information static? What about technical concerns, such as broken links or hosting issues?

We recommend working with a professional or agency that specializes in Internet marketing solutions beyond just web design.  Often, that expertise is of extra value, as they can combine other useful features into your site to ensure its success and continued existence. There are other considerations involved in developing a business website. One critical objective is understanding not just what you want your website to achieve, but also what your customers expect from your business.

What do your customers want from your business?

Addressing this question does not need to be difficult. There are some quick ways to assess your needs. First, you should understand what the competition is doing. Researching a competitor’s website can provide you with important insight. Looking at their website(s) from a customer’s point of view you’ll want to see what works for you and what doesn’t. Some things to look for are: Is information easy to find? Does the site look appealing? Is the website one of the first listed in a keyword search? Is it clear and easy to contact a representative and schedule an appointment, or are there many steps involved?

Now is the time when you will come to realize the benefits of using professionals. After an initial concept of your site has been designed and laid out, the content can be written. They can create concise, informative content that captures attention and provides potential customers with the information they seek. Equally important, the content will incorporate keywords that ensure your website is optimized for search engines (known as SEO), crafted to improve the site’s ranking, and getting you positioned ahead of your competition.

Measuring success

Creating a site without reviewing its analytics is like sending out a direct mail package and not tracking its response.  Site analytic tools can provide you with a wealth of vital information regarding your website, including how many visitors per day, what keywords and searches were used, how long they spend on the site, and more. This data can be put to good use, helping to regularly tweak the site and its content – making it more appealing to visitors and keeping you a step ahead of your competition.

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